Bergquist Company Thermal Gap Fillers

Bergquist Company Thermal Gap Fillers are thermally conductive gap filling liquid materials that enhance thermal performance and enable easier dispensing application for high-volume manufacturing operations. These materials provide high thermal and mechanical performance while inducing virtually zero stress on electronic components during assembly, improving performance and reliability across device assemblies. The liquid, thermal gap filler materials self-level, fill intricate air voids, and conform to highly intricate topographies and multi-level surfaces. This allows delivery of better wet-out for optimized thermal resistance, generally lower than more solid pad-based mediums. Thixotropic qualities also mean the gap fillers hold shape when dispensed.

Bergquist gap fillers are supplied as two-component, room or elevated temperature curing systems. This results in a soft, thermally conductive, form-in-place elastomer, ideal for coupling heat-producing devices with an adjacent metal case or heat sink. Thermally conductive gap fillers are primarily used for applications where stronger structural bonds are not required. Application volume and pattern are fully adaptable to suit a range of applications.


  • Ultra-low modulus for minimal stress during assembly
  • Excellent conformability to intricate geometries
  • Single solution for multiple applications
  • Efficient material usage
  • Customizable flow characteristics


  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Power supply cooling
  • High-volume applications where automatic dispensing can be used
  • Where pad configurations are not suitable
  • Where grease and potting compounds can be used
  • Across varied topographies and surfaces
  • In gaps higher than 0.5mm, to eliminate voids


Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2021-08-05 | Aktualisiert: 2023-12-27